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Adding the beauty and serenity of fish and their fish tanks to your home is a sure-fire way to enliven almost any room. From simple half-gallon fish bowls and desktop aquariums to decorative Enchanted Evening Betta Bowls and breath-taking tropical aquarium towers, there is a multitude of aquarium tanks available to suit your personal style […]

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At the Petwise Aquatic house, we stock various types of fish from cold-water to tropical. Goldfish, Guppy's, Platys, Bala Sharks to Piranhas.

My husband bought a new fish tank from Petwise! They even helped him load it into the car, without evening asking. I had the job of picking the first fish. Petwise stocks everything you need to keep, maintain and stock your aquarium. Ariel (Betta Fish) loves her new home. Thank YouMandy Thomas