Cat Foods

Petwise stock a wide selection of high quality cat foods. From the abundance of cat foods choices available, the question still remains as to which type is best suited for your cat. While most types available are considered healthy, remember that some formulas tend to benefit some cats more than others. A senior cat with […]

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Cat Beds

Every cat considers their routine cat nap a must when it comes to their daily duties. As the individual needs for each fun-loving feline are different, so are their preferences in cat beds. Whether they prefer to nestle in a cozy corner or under the sun, most cats prefer warm and cozy places to snooze. […]

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Cat Accessories

Proud cat parents would do almost anything to ensure the health and longevity of their favorite feline family members-from providing them with a well-balanced diet and plenty of water to cozy cat furniture, effective flea and tick control as well as a clean and fresh litter box. Just as you enjoy the privacy of your […]

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Petwise has a wide range of cat supplies to suit any cat from top quality foods, flea treatments, wormers, bedding and accessories. We can guide you in the right direction when making decisions on selecting a product. We believe in only the best for your pets!

Choosing the right wormer and flea treatment is very important to me. Petwise always have the best treatments to keep your cat in order and flea / worm free. They also have a massive selection of cat toys, treats and cat food. The best part of it all is its all under one roof, its local and cheaper than other pet shops in the area.Julie Ward