Pet Care Guides



Introduction Mediterranean tortoises originate from the countries surrounding the Mediterranean and the Middle East.  Their natural habitat is grassland and shrub where there is a lot of sunshine and light shade. The most common species kept in the UK is the Hermann s tortoise. Although other species such as the Spurred thigh and Marginated tortoise […]



Introduction Hamsters make good family pets. They are nocturnal so being more active in the evening allows the busy family time to enjoy them. They are small mammals ideal for families with limited space. Hamsters make a suitable pet for children providing they are taught the responsibilities of their pets daily cleaning, feeding and care. […]



Introduction Including Parakeets, African Greys and Amazons.Parrots make interesting and enjoyable pets. However a single caged bird will require a lot of attention and stimulus if it is not to become bored and frustrated. Parrots are natural acrobats and mimics. Some can learn simple words and phrases and are excellent whistlers. Many parrots have a […]



Introduction Rabbits were introduced into Britain in the Middle Ages. Some rabbits escaped and colonised the countryside. Later fanciers bred rabbits for exhibition, which is why there is such a variety of rabbits available today. Rabbits are traditionally kept in a hutch outdoors but are increasingly popular as house pets. Rabbits are sociable animals, usually […]



Introduction Originally a native of the hot, dry Australian interior, all Cockatiels for sale are now bred in this country. A communal bird, they are interesting and intelligent pets. The normal colour is grey but there are variations such as white, cinnamon, pied, silver or lutino (pale yellow). Cockatiels are natural acrobats and mimics, can […]