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Product Description

Flavour Name:Chicken  |  Size Name:14 kg

Product Description

When your dog is fully grown, he will need a food that offers complete and balanced nutrients to help keep him in peak condition. BETA Adult with Chicken is 100 per cent complete and balanced containing all the ingredients he needs to help maintain his health and vitality.

  • Natural prebiotics: contains chicory, a natural prebiotic, to help improve digestive health. Approximately after 30 days of feeding BETA the good bacteria, Bifidobacteria, may be multiplied by up to 100 times helping to support your dog’s healthy digestion.
  • Rich in meat: with chicken as a good source of protein to promote muscle strength and an ideal body condition. It is also carefully balanced with wholesome ingredients such as wholegrain cereals to reveal his natural potential.
  • Dual Kibbles: two different sizes have been designed to encourage the dog to chew the food – which aids nutrient absorption – while the dual shape helps reduces tartar by up to 21 per cent.

Nestlé-Purina study: “Chicory addition in dry dog food proven to increase Bifidobacteria.


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Growth and Development

The age of your puppy has a great impact on its nutritional needs. And as your puppy develops, his needs change.

Royal Canin provides nutritional solutions designed to specifically transition fragile puppies from their mother’s milk to solid nutrition seamlessly. But our age-specific nutritional solutions don’t stop there. Royal Canin makes products designed for growing, adult and mature dogs, too.