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Petwise stocks a wide selection of high-quality cat foods. From the abundance of cat foods choices available, the question still remains as to which type is best suited for your cat. While most types available are considered healthy, remember that some formulas tend to benefit some cats more than others. A senior cat with allergies that is less active may benefit from a reduced-calorie organic cat food with hypoallergenic ingredients; meanwhile, a kitten may benefit more from a formula that is fortified with the nutrients necessary for adequate growth and development.

Your aim in selecting the right type of food is to determine the formula and nutritional elements that will best suit your cat’s age, body type and any other associated health conditions. By feeding your favourite feline with a type of natural cat food, you can rest assured you are supporting his overall health and well-being with a wholesome and well-balanced diet. Take advantage of the variety of cat food that is available and target the unique needs of your fun-loving feline to promote a long, happy and healthy life.

Petwise will guide you in the right direction, ensuring that your cat has the correct diet and meals. Visit us in store.

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